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What a Year it has been!

When I think over this past year, I realize we have really done so much.

A friend and I have traveled many place including Morning Star Church

down in S. Carolina. God has done so many good things for us and I know

it doesn't look good for this world and I wish that I could say things are

going to get better, but if I were to be honest, the bible just doesn't say


As I look forward to 2023 I realize there will be both good and bad.

God is our hope ,as always He is my rock, He is my strength, He is my every

thing. I wish I could tell you that I read my bible everyday but that isn't true.

I seek the Lord in other ways and I do believe the bible is a part of that. There

was a time when I read the bible faithfully everyday but it became more of

a ritual than reading it because of love. Now I seek him spiritually and when he

shows me something in real life, I look for an example in the bible to give me a

sermon from it. If we listen and keep our eyes open God will reveal himself to us.

Sometimes we just don't want to except the supernatural, but it is around us all

the time. I know God is going to do a huge work in 2023.

What God has shown me is, famine and prices rising higher than anyone ever

thought. He has shown me that there are ones who will try and take out power grids

so that we do not have electricity and towers for communication. Now it may not be

here where we live, but it could be. There will also be a war, yes I know that the bible

says there will be wars but Israel right now I believe will have to make a move on Iran.

With all things happening in the world, Jesus is where we can find our peace. He tells us

that we don't have to fear if we belong to him. What does that mean? It means he is

going to take care of us. If you don't know him, you simply do not understand what you

are missing. It's truly not religion it's a relationship so real full of the love like you have neve

known in your life. He doesn't even ask you to change, he excepts you just as you are.

Let him lead you in you path of this life that is so full of uncertainty


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