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Find your Tribe!

I believe that it is important to find the group of people you can call your tribe. People who encourage you, challenge you and support you when you need it. Today in this world it is hard to find friends you can trust and relate to. But when you do keep them close and support one another. God wants so much for you and at times in life it is hard to find where you fit. Here are some really good questions to ask yourself.

1. What do you enjoy doing? Really enjoy doing....

Inside of each one of us, God has placed a desire, a gift seed he wants planted. If you have always wanted to do something, why not step out and try?

I have a friend who is a writer, she doesn't write books, but great articles, she isn't rich however she loves what she is doing. Isn't that success when you can do what you love and still make a living. Just being happy with your job is worth so much, because we put a lot of hours at our place of work.

I know with me it is Art, I can be painting or airbrushing something and totally loose track of the time. It seems like the day just fly's by, "Why"? Because I love what I am doing.

So find the people who fit in your tribe who will encourage your dreams and walk along side of you with support. Seek out others that are interested in what you are interested in and I just bet the conversations will not be hard.

Blessings Roxane

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