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eagle tire cover.jpg

Artist Roxane Mann

Eagle Flag on Tire cover

This is a project that I did on a tire cover that was mailed to me. I really try to use the types of airbrush paint that will allow for great adhesion on whatever type of material that I am working on. 

Artist Roxane Mann

My baby

This is a piece of art for myself, I don't get to drive her much, but she sure looks good. The graphic is the same on both sides. It was a labor of love. 


Artist Roxane Mann

living the dream

This art job was a guy who wanted something cool on his car, he liked the beach, surfing, and a bar hut, so that is what he got. Even though the car wasn't perfect for painting on he still really enjoyed it.

Artist Roxane Mann

Franky Baby

I really enjoyed doing this paint job. It was done on the hood of a car and the guy really got a blast out of it. Eye-catcher and conversation piece.

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